Data Recovery

What is Data Recovery?

Data recovery is the process of retrieving or restoring lost, corrupted, inaccessible or formatted data from a storage media. The Data can be retrieved by the use of a Data Recovery Software. You can do data recovery by yourself or hire a data recovery specialist.Data recovery can be done using either a free or premium Software depending on the Amount of data and data format of the data to be recovered. You can recover back your data using the award winning tool Stellar Data recovery which is available for both Mac and Windows users.

There are also Best Apps for Recovering data for smart phone users.

What is a Data Recovery Software?

A data Recovery Software is a type of software that enables you recover the lost, corrupted or formatted data.This software has access to the Core architecture of the storage device, this makes it easier for a data recovery software to recover data on a file system. We have both free and premium versions of Data Recovery Softwares. It is better sometimes for you to spend some cash to purchase a data recovery software and be able to retrieve all your data back since free versions of Data Recovery Softwares can recover only a limited amount of Data.

NB: Avoid using Cracked Versions of Data Recovery Softwares since you can permanently lose your data, pose Viruses or fail to recover all the data Lost.

I recommend to you the Premium Version of Stellar Data recovery which is affordable and 100% safe.

Where Can Data Recovered from?

1. Mobile Phones

2. Tablets


4.USB & SD Cards

5.Hard Drives

6.Corrupted SQL Databases

7.Solid State Drives

8. Lost Partitions

What Should I consider Before buying a Data Recovery Software?

Getting a good data recovery Software is the best thing you can do to avoid wasting your money, time and also avoid losing your data permanently.

Below are some things to consider on when choosing one:

1. PRICE: The price of the software should be compatible with the features offered by the Software.

2. AMOUNT OF DATA RECOVERED: A good data recovery software should be able to recover large amounts of data in case of either simple or complex events of data loss.

3. EASY TO USE: The data recovery software should have a user friendly interface which mainly consists of scanning the data, recovering the data and restoring it back. This will make it easier for new users to use it.

4. SPEED: The Software should be able to recover huge chunks of data and explore the drives at the shortest time possible.

5.COMPATIBILITY: The Software should be compatible with your Computers’ or Mobile Phones’ Operating System.

6.The software must meet your Systems’ minimum requirements

7. SAFETY: The software should be safe and secure to use

8.The software should have a good review from its Customers.

9. The software should be able to recover all data types

How Should I Protect my data from Loss?

1. Backing up your data regularly

2.Using an antivirus Softwares

3. Receiving a data security awareness training

4. Keeping your computer dry and dust free

5. Encrypting Sensitive data

6. Protecting your computer system from power surges

7. Secured Access to Databases

8. Having a backup.

Which are the Best Data Recovery Softwares?

1. Stellar Data Recovery

This is among the top data recovery tools which is easy to use. It has powerful data recovery features and can recover your lost data within a minimal duration. Stellar can retrieve your lost data from either your computer or Storage devices.

Stellar Data Recovery can be used to for:

Windows data recovery

Mac Data Recovery

Photo recovery –includes photos, videos and audio files from Cameras or storage devices.

Iphone data Recovery – Recovers deleted photos, videos, contacts and messages from Iphone and Ipad

Stellar has a free version that can Recover only 1gb of data, you can consider purchasing the Professional version that can recover large amounts of data.

Stellar has a 30-days money back guarantee and a user friendly support.

2. EaseUS Data Recovery

EaseUS Data Recovery

EaseUS data Recovery Software is an easy to use data Recovery software which can help you recover lost data, corrupted data, inaccessible data, formatted data, crushed operating systems and lost partitions

EaseUS has a Windows data Recovery Software and a professional Mac Data Recovery Software. EaseUS data recovery software can recover deleted files from hard drives, SD cards, IOS devices, Cameras, Partition Recovery and much more. The free version of EaseUS has a recovery limit of 1GB while for large amounts of data you can go for the premium version at an affordable price for Either Windows Data Recovery or Mac Data Recovery.



Recuva is a Data Recovery Software that can restore pictures, documents, audio and video files, emails and any other file types. It can recover files from windows, PCs and digital Camera Cards.

The free version of Recuva has advanced file recovery while the Professional version supports virtual hard drive, automatic updates and has premium support.

You can also go for the Best Value professional bundle that can support up to 3PCs. This Professional bundle has automatic updates, driver updater, premium support, advanced data recovery, a virtual hard drive support and comes with additional pro tools such as Ccleaner, Defraggler and Speccy.



Dr.Fone is one of the best data Recovery software with an easy-to-use interface and an amazing customer support. This software supports both Android and IOS devices with Mac and Windows Operating Systems.

The Dr.Fone toolkit has other functionalities such as:

1. Whatsapp Transfer

2. Unlocking Iphone Apple Id and Locked Screen

3. Migrating data from one phone to another

4. Backing up and restoring phone data

5. Repairing IOS and Android systems

6.Permanent erasing of data from phone

7. Fixing Itunes errors

8.Transferring data from your phone to the computer.

You can use the Dr.Fone free/trial version or go for the Premium Dr.Fone toolkit that has a lot of functionalities and a 100% data recovery rate.

Download either the Windows Version or MAC version and enjoy your complete Mobile Solution. Dr.Fone has both the Android and IOS toolkit.


Pandora Recovery stands out as a greater helper in data Recovery. Pandora Possesses an easy to use and understand interface. It is fast in scanning and recovery of data of all formats due to its top-notch Algorithms.

Pandora delivers more concise results and an enjoyable experience to its users. One can use the free version of Pandora Recovery which can recover up-to 500MB of data or use the premium version to recover huge amounts of data.


Disk drill is an easy to use data recovery software that can help you recover deleted documents, messages and media files. Disk drill can be used as a windows dara recovery software or as a Premier MAC data recovery Software.

The free version of Disk Drill can recover up to 500MB of data thus its better for you to go for the professional version and be able to recover large amounts of data.

Disk drill can recover data from PCs, Hard disks and Solid State Drives, USB Drives, SD cards, Mobile phones and Digital Cameras.

Allow yourself to Spend some cash and get a professional version of a data Recovery Tool and be able to recover your lost data.

Having difficulties in data Recovery Hire an Expert or post your Query in the Comment Section below.

Deleting a file is not losing it forever”


Hoping this content was helpful to you.

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