facebook rebrand

As reported by The Verge, Facebook is planning to rebrand anytime sooner. The CEO of Facebook has for a long time been talking about changing Facebook to a metaverse Company.

Similar to Google under the Parent Company Alphabet, the Social media Kings: Facebook, Instagram and whatsapp are expected to be under one Parent Company. Mark Zucherberg is expected to unveil the new name on 26th October at the annual connect conference.

facebook rebrand

In the Virtual Metaverse as reported one one will be expected to create a digital Avatar which can explore public space. One will be able to live,play,work or walk around and interact with one another in real time.

Facebook announced of their plan to employ 10,000 workers in Europe. This team will help on creating the metaverse.

The reported rebrand follows explosive testimony earlier this month from a whistleblower urging lawmakers to regulate the tech giant. Even though Facebook has been facing criticism their spokes person said that:

“We never Comment on Rumors”

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