Android 12

When was Android 12 Released?

Android 12 is the biggest redesign of the Android Operating system that we’ve ever seen so far. Android 12 Beta was released on 12th February and the Official release was on 19th October . On the same date Google launched the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 pro phones. With the Earlier release of the Beta Version users could help Google text the Android 12 before it’s official release.

android 12 icon
Android 12 Icon

What Are the Features of Android 12?

1. Privacy Features

Google is always making Security a Major Concern. The Privacy Dashboard in Android 12 will enable you see the personal data that is being accessed by which Apps and when. This will enable you restrict what Apps can access.

privacy dashboard in Android 12

2. Microphone and Camera Control

In Android 12 there is an indicator with colored dots that will show you when an application is using your microphone or Camera. With that you can navigate to the settings panel and restrict access to some or all Apps.

wifi sharing in Android 12

3. WiFi Sharing

On the previous versions of Android one could share WiFi access via a QR Code but in Android 12 things are simpler since there is a nearby button that once tapped will scan the nearby available devices and you will once you tap on the one to share the WiFi to it gets connected.

4. Location Control

Android 12 has a new location Sharing Option that allows users to specify whether they want third-party Apps to track either their precise or Approximate Location. Some devices such as headsets will no longer access your location information.

Amazing display in Android 12

5. Amazing Display.

Google has introduced a new feature in Android 12 that will customize your system display automatically by taking colors from your wallpaper. This Feature (Material) is available in the Pixel phones but will also be available to other Android 12 devices. The User Interface in Android 12 is adaptable with its larger quick settings,larger fonts,interface animations,bolder texts and good transitions.

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