Hi there, Am Frank. Some years ago when I was learning blogging. I spent more time online doing a research on how to start a successful blog. I could find a lot of helpful information but in different websites. In this Blog post I have packaged this tutorial and made it as simple as possible for you to understand the steps on how to start a successful blog.

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A niche is a specialized topic that you are good at. Blogging involves more of solving problems and a good blog is one that will leave the reader satisfied. By identifying your skills, passion or interest you can make a decision on which niche you are best at. Some of the niches you can write blog posts on are health, technology, finance, business, News, Entertainment, Sports among many others. Once you have identified your areas of interest and knowing problems that you can solve you can make a decision.


A domain name is an address to your website that people type into a web browser . A domain name defines your name and having the right name is good since it will build a good brand identity.

How to choose a good domain name:

  1. Use a brandable domain name(Unique)
  2. Use a domain name that is easier to remember and pronounce.
  3. Select the right extension
  4. Try to avoid using numbers and hyphens
  5. Use a keyword if possible.

You can get yourself a domain name from Bluehost with an extension of your choice.


A web hosting is a service that will allow you to post a website or web page on the internet. It makes your website available to the internet. As a blogger you need to know the factors to consider when choosing a web hosting provider before going for a web hosting plan.

I can recommend Bluehost because of their quality services.


Once you have selected a better content management system that is suitable or convenient for you, you can move on and start working on the design and layout of your blog. Examples of Content management systems are WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Medium, Weebly, Ghost, Jimdo There are some considerations that you have to put in mind on how to choose a better theme for your blog before you start the customization process. If you are unable to handle all this by yourself then you can hire a professional to do it for you.

While designing your blog consider:

  1. Having a user interface that will deliver a good user experience.
  2. Have an effective color scheme.
  3. Making it easy for users to navigate.
  4. Having a less loading time
  5. Compatibility with other web browsers.
  6. Easy integration with social media.

Install the necessary plugins to improve performance of your blog.

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Once you are done with designing your blog it is crucial for you to write original content. Good quality content will easily rank in search engine result. As a blogger you need to do keyword research and identify topics that you will write on. Each post should have a specific minimum number of words depending on your niche. Writing quality posts needs your time and a deep understanding of the topic. If you can’t handle or this then you can consider hiring a professional content writer to do it for you. Don’t post duplicate content in-order to avoid penalties from google. Try to Include images, videos and backlinks wherever possible.


SEO will help you improve your blog quality. This is the best way to improve the quantity of organic traffic to your website. Below are some of the SEO tips that you may need to know.

  1. Make sure that the title tag on each page is unique and descriptive.
  2. Make sure that you write a meta description of less than 160 characters. Let it be descriptive too.
  3. Use an alternative text for images.
  4. Make sure that file names provides information same as that in the file.
  5. Use short and descriptive URLs
  6. You can use meta key words to emphasize content keywords.

SEO will enable your posts to rank on search engine. If you find it difficult to set SEO for your blog you can consider hiring a SEO expert. This takes some time for you to see results but it still remains a continuous process.


Once you have done all the above listed, you can submit a site map of your blog. This will enable the search engine find your blog posts, pages and files once its crawled. By doing this the search engine will be able to discover pages on your blog.

Launch your blog and start publishing your unique posts and working on your blog frequently. Working on your blog strategically will yield good results and will enable you make money from your blog.

Hoping you found this helpful

You can leave your questions and comments in the comment section below.

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